Forum Title: Can't figure out how to remove a single hung window
I have a single hung window in need of repair. Its very difficult to move the window up and down as the sash does not seem to sit in its track very well, and end up crooked within the window frame. I suspect something is wrong with the spring, but I can't figure out how to take the sash out of the frame. There is a single spring visible on the right hand side, but no takeout clips or holes for attaching takeout clips. There is a standard center lock on top of the sash and some kind of stopper/jam on the upper left side. See pictures attached. Appreciate the help.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: PEARL SCHWARTZ (Pittsburg, CA), 01/14/2019

Why not a solid door with a panoramic viewer? They make some that allow you to stand several feet from the door and see who's out there. They even make some cool techy ones that use an LCD display. And if someone somehow gets an arm (or baseball bat or crowbar) through the double pane panel, a piece of plexi screwed to the interior skin won't be much help. If it's on the outside, whats to prevent it being removed with a prybar? The skin is only about 1/8 thick (probably even less), and won't hold a screw very well. Plexi is also pretty brittle and prone to cracking, did you maybe use Lexan or similar? There are many, many door manufacturers out there. Jed-Wen, Masonite, Therma-Tru as well as a slew of more regional brands. You could also have a new glass insert made of tempered or safety glass. I don't think screwing to the door would significantly weaken it, but it would be more prone to cracking from impact, esp since the screws would be close to the large cutout for the window.

- ANNE MYERS (Tamarac, FL), 02/25/2019

I just tried this, didn't work. The lever on the top left (first picture) only moves left and right. It can not be pulled inward. I think it is a window stopper/jam of sort, not a pivot switch. Here is another shot of the lever on top left. Only use for it seems to pull the sash up to where the hole is on the frame, and pull the lever to left to stop the sash from moving. Maybe the takeout clip can be inserted in the hole on left side?

- JEROME SCHNEIDER (Warner Robins, GA), 02/07/2019

Ahhh! I see more clearly now in your latest picture. Those sliders on top look like they are used to hold or lock the window at a certain height by sliding into the holes in the track. Unfortunately it looks like the sash is inside the window track. It may not be removable. Sometimes you can get them out by pushing the window frame apart but that's always a touchy thing. You need to spread the frame enough to get the sash out but not so much that you break the frame.

- RAFAEL SHELTON (Daytona Beach, FL), 02/17/2019

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