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I just finished installing my first exterior prehung door. it is a steel door. door seems pretty damn plumb and level, pushed in some shims where i thought was appropriate. door operates fine except for a few things. the door seems to rub just a little in the bottom middle and at top and the deadbolt wont go in the hole unless i pull in on the door a little. I've been reading about driving 3 inch screws into the middle of the hinges, i tried with brass screws, stripped them out pretty bad, gonna have to extract them this weekend and drive new ones in. how far should I drive these 3 screws? should I keep driving till they dont turn anymore? I was scared of going to deep the first time so I tried to just drive them in the same amount.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: CLIFTON OCONNOR (Waterloo, IA), 01/19/2019

Guardian is the manufacturer of the glass only. The only way to find the manufacturer of the door is to look for a label, usually inside the top track, which is probably not there anymore. You're right, don't buy a universal door. You must find a local glass shop or window & door dealer that will make or order a custom screen door.

- LAURA LEE (Fontana, CA), 02/05/2019

removed all of the short screws from the hinges and replaced with 2 inch deck screws. door isn't rubbing as much now. still not an even reveal but closer. the hinges have 5 holes, the one in the middle is larger than the rest. so each hinge has 4 2inch deck screw and 1 longer screw in the middle. after looking at it more today, i noticed the jamb caulk line is also uneven, looks wider in the middle on both sides of the door.. starting to think the jamb it what is making the door rub. perhaps I placed my shims too uneven. would it be wise to add additional screws or finishing nails where the caulk line is wider? the door seems to open and close well enough. but I still have to pull just a little bit when i lock the top bolt.

- NICHOLAS COOPER (McAllen, TX), 02/16/2019

It sounds like you bowed the frame. Besides the screws in the hinges, what other screws are holding the frame to the opening? Sometimes screws have to be removed not added.

- ARMANDO ROBBINS (Moreno Valley, CA), 02/16/2019

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