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I have about 10 original, steel frame windows with a plaster interior I need to replace in a brick face of my house. It seems there are few ways of doing this and I am looking for the best way to approach this using replacement style windows. Personally I like the sound of cutting away the perimeter of the original steel frame to use as a stop for the new replacement windows, however I am unsure how to finish up the external appearance of the original frame. As you can see in the pictures the finish on the original metal frame was a 3/4 bead of a rotted, calk-like material from 1938. The perimeter's edges of the original frame are sure to be far from perfect because I will need to use a reciprocating saw to cut out the rest of the old window frame. What would be the fastest, clean method to finish the external appearance (avoiding the use of a brake if possible)? I was thinking of possibly using this approach: Since it basically is just caulked in from the outside (no trim or aluminum bending) It's really tough to find any good information on this procedure from beginning to end on the internet. Thanks for any help in advance!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: FREDERICK LYNCH (Odessa, TX), 01/02/2019

It depends how bad the crack is, and if the wood will be stained or painted. If the crack is bad enough, I'd probably just remove the cracked jamb and replace it with some nice #1 pine or fir. Jambs need to be straightened and shimmed to the rough opening. If the window needs to be pushed in or out to flush the jamb up with the face of the wall, that needs to be done before the window is insulated (foamed) since it ain't going to move once you foam it. Generally you put a long level on the jambs to tell if they are bowed. If they are bowed out, you need to shim them in. If they are bowed in, you need to leave the shims loose, then nail them back until they tighten up on the shims.

- BONNIE SANDERS (Hempstead, NY), 02/21/2019

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